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Sizes and Rates

Please call us for our latest storage unit rates at 302-672-7170. We offer Military Discounts, Senior Discounts, Customer Loyalty and Referral Programs.

Or, you can send us a storage unit rate inquiry by filling out this simple request form.
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Size Guide


Comparable to a large closet. Will accomodate boxes, small furniture items (such as desk, chair, bookcase)

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Comparable to a large walk in closet. Will accomodate one small room of furniture such as a bed, dresser, desk and boxes.

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Comparable to a small bedroom. Will accomodate to small rooms of furniture, boxes, beds sofas, dining room furniture and TVs.

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Comparable to a medium sized bedroom. Will accomodate 3 rooms of furniture and/or large items such as large boxes, sofas, tables, pianos, etc.

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Comparable to a one car garage. Will accomodate 5 rooms of furniture, appliances, boxes, patio furniture, motorcycles, etc.

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Comparable to a large garage. Will accomodate a vehicle, boxes, furniture, appliances, etc.

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